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The In-Between Water

Alko is a Finnish authority who prevents alcohol abuse in Finland. The brief was to come up with an impactful approach that would inspire all Finnish adults to observe their drinking habits and encourage moderate drinking.


Alcohol use has always been prohibited, demonized and criticized – in propaganda, movies and marketing communication. Alko decided to break the old conventions and spread alcohol awareness in an inspiring and encouraging way – in a way that would completely change the way Alko approaches the issue.

My role was in both print and digital, still and animated production.




Executive Creative Director: Jyrki Poutanen

Creative Director: Ville Ohtonen

Senior Creative: Lasse Kangasmaa

Art Director: Carl-Erik Mosander

Designer: Atso Wilén, Suvi Höytö, Lara Ala-Olla

Content Strategist: Pauliina Perkiö

Copywriter: Otto Kilpiö, Lasse Perälampi, Sini Teppola

Agency: TBWA


Vuoden Huiput, Kultahuippu2019


Art Directors Club of Europe, Gold Award, 2020 





Photos: Fanny Haga / Alko

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